Top 3 Gaming Studios for PC Games

We know what games mean to a certain group of people. For the teens, people in their 20’s and even adults gamers (30+) gaming are not just time pass. It’s their achievement. They classify it as their ability to win a challenge, often even important than their study.

Some games created huge waves and are still ruling the world. Some games just come and go by, like a passing cloud. But, what remains is the experience they left you with.

Well, if you are not a gaming kid, all this would be a little irrelevant to you. But, hey, knowing isn’t losing anything. Maybe it would help you on rainy days when you are really bugged up and want to do something. Games are after all a really a good way of passing time.

PC Games are those video games that are played on the computer rather than playing using a video game console.

We think it’s good to know about the history of them, even before you know about the recent developments in the gaming world. The first video game was created by William Higginbotham, in 1958. The game was called Tennis for two. The first video game that was created to be used in a computer is the Space War, by Steve Russell in 1962.

When we observe, we can see that people have invented many things without many technological advancements, that’s truly marvelous. So, now we have many more creations to the gallery, all new ways have been explored. Gaming is no more like we played in olden days.

Starting from video games, now its 3D games, gaming field has evolved limitless. The imagination and creativeness have proved to have no bounds. There are action games, war games, doll games, space games, thrilling games, games for every category of humans. And with technology, many features are making gaming experience matchless to any other sport or event.

With so many options, we guess it would be difficult for you to choose the best gaming companies and their games. We shall tell you which the Top Gaming studios are.


Nintendo is the leader in the gaming field. It is a Japanese company situated in Kyoto. Do we need to say why the company is outstanding? When its japan, they are the leaders in innovations, you can expect only the best.

List of Games by Nintendo

  • Mario. Many versions of Mario too are their credit. Can someone forget this game?
  • Zelda
  • Kirby’s Adventure
  • Pokemon X & Y
  • Hyrule Warriors


Ubisoft is the next top gaming company. This company promises and delivers their promise. The games are always a Hit. Their games are easy to become show stealers. This company is a French Multinational company.

List of Games by Ubisoft:

  • Assassin’s Creed, many updated versions are released.
  • Watch Dogs
  • Far Cry Series
  • Splinter Cell
  • Beyond good and Evil
  • Prince of Persia


Bethesda tops the charts. This is an American in-house team established in 2002. This gaming studio offers nothing but the best. Even if they take years to develop a game, they come out as blockbuster games. Their games are worth every penny spent. And they have good reviews across the globe.

List of Games by Bethesda:

  • Fallout- the most famous
  • Dishonored
  • The Elder Scrolls
  • Wolfenstein

All of the above gaming studios are no 1 in their own way. But with users perception, they often stand at the top. And their games have versions of it, that becomes all an all-time hits.

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